About Us

Glic Solutions

Glic Solutions is a company formed by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals focused in offer complete, secure and innovative tecnological solutions for the payment industry. Our products are designed to operate in any country, any currency and any market reality.


We have our own development team specialized in new technologies and agile methodologies


We are specialized in payment business since 1997, offering and accompanying the innovation for our customers


More than 20 years of experience developing and implementing technology solutions.

More than 20 years of experience developing and implementing technology solutions

Our Experience

Experience and knowledge accumulated on the design, implementation and operation of the payment solutions across the world including acquiring platforms, merchant administration solutions, issuing systems for physical and virtual instruments for all the international brands as well as omni-channels payments gateways in multiple countries.


Does a transaction


Capture the payment data and send through the device used the information to the payment gateway


Authenticate, validates and routes the transactions on the corresponding protocols and with the appropriate security to the processors.


Sends the information to the proper card association


Will route the request to the proper issuer through its network


Approves (or denies) the transaction and returns the response back to the network


Is billed by the issuer on their monthly statement