Omni-Channel Payment Gateway with all the required components to configure an e-commerce and / ou card present and / ou alternative payments such as QR Codes payments. Developed with the most modern technologies and aligned with the highest security requirements.


Platform to operate as sub-acquirer, aggregator or payment facilitator including functions to settle transactions in real time, payments schedule, merchant payments, local taxes calculations, installments supports, payment advances between many others


Comprehensive platform to complete merchant administration allowing to define commercial conditions/ agreements for all merchants or specifics. Has flexibility to support multiple acquirers, multiple countries and currencies, multiple card brands and products, multiple languages, installments, payment advances for merchants, settlement in real time, clearing and settlement with the card brands and payments in bank or digital accounts between many others


Card Issuing Solution for prepaid and debit products. With all the bank resources available online, the cardholder have full control of his balance anytime from any device

Alternative Payments

Platform to generate and operate with alternative payments based in QR Codes with EMVco format. Supports generation for static and dynamic QR codes via APIs consumed at each transaction. Integrated with the Glic Gateway for the reception of each transaction and conversion/translation to the formats expected by the corresponding acquirers. Integrated with Glic Tokenization facilitates the use through mobile devices in a secure manner.


Tokenization platform that operated via Hardware using HSMs that supports all the different cryptographic option to support many different use cases. Based on the configuration, allows to substitute data using a sequence of numbers or letters according to the highest security patterns accepted at worldwide level


Main Benefits of Glic Platform

Modern Architecture

Developed over the most modern frameworks and with globally proven technology

Easy to use

Prepared to facilitate the integrations and users experience with portals with responsive design and API's to allow easy integrations

Reduced investment

Does not required high investments in hardware or software base

Ready for Cloud

Prepared to scale horizontally based on workload; allowing to pay for the resources that are used only

Functionally evolved

Functionally evolved in comparison with others platforms on the market

Supported by Specialists

Developed and supported for professionals with more than 20 years of experience on the payment industry


Main Differentials of Glic Platform

True High Availability

Real High Availability with multiple instances and databases synchronized real time and with horizontal scalability


The most strong algorithms managed via hardware with HSMs

Open Source

Developed with Java on a micro-services architecture.

Multi Brand

Support for Visa, Mastercard, Private and Local cards/brands

Automated Deployment

Unit, Integration and Regression Tests automated as well as delivery and deployment

Processing Capacity

High Performance, prepared to support high transactional volumes

PCI Compliance

Sensitive data encrypted by the application without required any third party component.


Unique end to end platform in the market: developed with the latest technologies and ready for cloud.