Omni-Channel Payment Platform that includes support for card present, card not present (e-commerce) and alternative payments based in QR Codes. All in a single and unique platform ready to support the current market needs.

Global Flexibility

Designed to operate from a single instance in multiple countries, multiple currencies, multiple products, multiple brands, multiple sub-acquirers, multiple acquirers, multiple transactions and languages among others features.

Onboarding and Integrations

Designed over a micro-services architecture and focused on easy integrations through APIs with the inbound channels as well as the entities/platforms that we are connected to.

Payments processing

Integration with internal tokenization module that operates with HSMs storing sensitive data securely when needed. Terminals keys administration according to the Acquirers definitions. Support for all type of transactions and additional services such as recurring payments, services payments, cell phone top-ups and gaming transactions.

Business Control

Transactional reports generated real time through multi devices WEB portals that are also White Label. Real time monitoring for critical processes. Administration and configuration Portal for all the solution. Merchant Boarding based in a web workflow or via APIs.

Integral Fraud Checks

Fraud Prevention module based on rules to validate all transactions “online”. Support for velocity rules and IP geo-localization checks. Support white and black lists as well validation of 3D secure indicators presence for e-commerce

Availability and Scalability

Basic Installation with 4 instances with load balancing between data centers, distributed memory cache and real time replication guarantee a real active-active operation with 99.999% availability.


Compliance with PCI-DSS in all the components. Stores sensitive information when required using tokens via hardware.